Journey to the Highest Sphere
Alaya_Journey To The Highest Sphere
I want to spread my wings, push off the ground and take off. I want to soar high above the ground catching winds and chasing clouds. I want to play with first rays of the raising Sun. I want to fly among the stars in the moonlight and catch wondering meteors. I want to… If you really feel like doing all this – do not limit yourself. Beautiful sounds of the composition “Journey to the Highest Spheres” can help your mind to separate from the physical body and stay connected with your higher Self. This composition consists of several parts, each of which can take you to different realms and worlds. You can meet your guardian angel, your guide, inhabitants of other planets, and many other entities that will open up only for you. You can feel and connect with divine vibrations of healing light. Enjoy your journey to the unlimited!
1. Journey To The Highest Sphere [30:12] USD $7.99
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