Deep Meditation
Alaya_Deep Meditation

After cleansing yourself with the mantra OM MANI PADME HUM, you enter into deep meditation. Follow these steps:
Step 1 - complete relaxation and disconnection from the body.
Step 2 - smooth union with light and awakening of inner delight.
Step 3 - gathering of light into a single purpose-intent.
Step 4 - entering the unknown...
Step 5 - discovering and hearing your inner voice.
Steps 6 & 7 - free glide in the light of the meditation - union.
Step 8 - a feeling of delight of Space and Form.
Step 9 - seeing and feeling the energy of life in the aura and the body.
Or you can ignore these guidelines and glide freely in your Love - Intuition. Let the music be your guide.

1. Deep Meditation [30:16] USD $7.99
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