Here and Now
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When musical inspiration visits

Quite often I receive musical inspiration while experiencing usual life situations.
This album was born from inspirations received while traveling, when interactions with the world are happening “here and now”.
Composition “Peace” was created in Nova Scotia, Canada. We entered National park in the afternoon and our guide said that if we are lucky enough we will see whales in the ocean. We were lucky that evening and saw swimming whales from the observation deck. It was a beautiful evening. The sky was merging with the ocean. The sounds of singing birds, whispering grass and trees joined in one unifying rhythm. Everything sounded softly, but like one colossal orchestra of Mother Nature. All sounds came to a union and ambient music was streaming by itself, flowing right through my heart. At this divine moment my mind was set free and it flew like a bird soaring in the infinite sky, diving in the depths of the ocean and swimming alongside with whales. Then it turned into a wind and began its whispering play with trees and grass, and I felt how joyfully unlimited my mind can be. This state of mind helps to overcome limitations of material world.
The composition “Play Of Light In The Ocean” came to me while I was snorkeling among coral reefs. Undersea world completely changed my perception of my body and skewed all my senses.  Sunlight coming through water turns into visible rays creating an illusion of swimming in the ocean of Universe. It is easy to imagine a ray of light beaming from the third eye in these conditions. Scenery like this helps to feel how superior life – Light and Love – propagates through ordinary physical world.
All compositions in this album were created on the fly without any preparation, at the time of inspiration. All improvements and modifications were added at the time of recording.
I was inspired for “Dancing Krishna” composition during meditation with Freya to the sounds of Mother Nature. I saw an eidolon of dancing Krishna and heard the rhythm and music he was dancing to, and then I simply re-played this melody on the physical plane. When Freya listened to this composition, she envisioned Buddha or Krishna slowly and gracefully moving from one galaxy to another, vanishing and reappearing at will. We both saw and lived through virtually the same experience.
Listening and observing music stimulates our minds for transformation. We discover new perception of the world within. Music substitutes our usual words and invites us into the unknown, into the “Here and Now”.

1. Divine Rain of Love [5:41] USD $0.99
2. Enjoy Your Path [6:57] USD $0.99
3. Peace [6:43] USD $0.99
4. Flight To Different Dimensions [6:49] USD $0.99
5. Farewell To The Past [7:45] USD $0.99
6. Play Of Light In The Ocean [8:16] USD $0.99
7. Dancing Krishna [7:19] USD $0.99
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