Cleansing by Nature - Water Sounds
Alaya_WATER SOUNDS_01_Pure Streamlet

The method “Cleansing with water” is known since ancient times. The Master would take his students to a source of water, be it a waterfall, a river, a stream, a sea or an ocean, and ask them to listen into the sound of moving liquid.  Students needed to tune into the rhythm and harmonics of the water flow. Mental connection with water allowed students to stop their thought process, unite with water emotionally and become a part of Nature. Very powerful cleansing of body and mind used to take place during these sessions. Participants were able to take their conscience minds to the next level of perception. 

Depending on your goals you can use meditations to improve your health and to cleanse your mind and body, or to deepen your knowledge of the nature of sound and spiritual growth.

1. Pure Streamlet [10:02] USD $2.99

This is a peaceful current of a mountain stream. This sound, when experienced through headphones, flows from one hemisphere of your brain into the other and calms down the thought process of your relentless brain. Emotional connection with this sound allows you to unite with its vital rhythm, sparkling freshness and shining cleanliness. This track leads to a sensation of deep relaxation, peace and it brightens your thought process.
2. I am the River [10:01] USD $2.99

This is a fast mountain creek coming through and around all obstacles and riffles. While listening to the sounds of streaming water, feel the air, feel how fresh and sparkling it is. Just like this stream, your mind can overcome all imaginable difficulties and problems of life with ease. Imagine that you are this mountain creek, you are this roaring flow of energy and repeat in sotto voice: I am light, I am power, I am confidence, I am cleanliness, I am health, I am love.
3. Inside of a Sparkling Falls [9:59] USD $2.99

This is a bright and sparkling waterfall streaming from heavens. It is essential to relax entire body when listening to this track. Your energy, mind, and body blend with and become this waterfall. Listening into this sound and taking your mind beyond typical thinking you can feel the universes stream of energy and love. Remember this sound and you will have the power to cleanse and revitalize everywhere you go. 
4. Power of Water [9:39] USD $2.99

This record was made during incredibly energetic spring day. The sound of water here is as powerful as airplane jet. If you experience discomfort somewhere in your body while listening to this sound, it indicates the blockings, where energy cannot flow freely. You should relax these areas as much as possible and let the power of water flow through them. Fill yourself up with spring light, youthful strength and optimism. 
5. Journey Through Gorge [10:22] USD $2.99

This sound was recorded in a deep cave. The stream was running around stones, surfacing and hiding at will. Connect with this flow, delve through the layers of soil together. Hence its daring character and give up your fears, arrogance and grudges. Let this sound flow through each and every cell of your body, imagine that it cleanses and refreshes every organ in your body. See and feel clear substance of water and let your mind and body be as clear, light and happy. Let yourself find new and unexpected flows of your life. 
6. Pacific Ocean [11:10] USD $2.99

This voice of Pacific Ocean was recorded during absolutely calm weather. Continuous humming is the natural sound of the live ocean connected with the Universe. When you let this sound deep enough, the “OM” sound of the Universe steps forward and becomes vivid and obvious. Let your mind effuse endlessly to the size of an ocean and let it breath immensely. Expanding through the sound, your mind connects with heavens and then it unites with Universes Ocean of Ether. Get some rest from this small fidgeting human form. Breathe in the rhythm of Timeless Ocean, enjoying its Power and Cleanliness. Unleashed and eternal ocean of life – this is the real YOU. 
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