Mantra of Unity
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Mantra is a special form of energy expressed in music. In translation from Sanskrit "mana" means consciousness, and "tra" means to free. Therefore, mantra is the freedom of mind from ignorance. Here we have introduced the mantra of unity with the Absolute:

"OM AHAM BRAHMASMI" - I Am Brahma! (endless and eternal)
"AYAM ATMA BRAHMA" - It Is I, Brahma!
"OM TAT SAT" - You Are The Absolute Truth!
"SO' HAM" - I Am Him!

The mantric singing is performed on a single note to achieve the state of uninterrupted focus on unity with the Divine. The continuous change of rhythms and accompaniments symbolize the bustling of earthly living, but regardless of anything that happens the voice is always in a state of sacred unity and blissfulness.

There are many ways to enjoy and learn from mantras. The simples one is to listen to it at your leisure, during work or rest. It will support and balance you, giving you additional energy and love. Moreover, if you want to go deeper, use the following technique:

1. Imagine your consciousness expanding and shining, try to hold this image in your mind
2. Inside your consciousness visualize dark blue Universe, the size of a baseball
3. Imagine singing with your deep inner voice

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